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Take pictures live and post them to your slideshow! 

eversnap app

What is Live Slideshow? 


Interact LIVE! with your events slideshow on one of our HUGE screens! *Post Hilarious Moments From Around The Party *Make Announcements! * Post beautiful moments from the Ceremony! *Share memories!

1) Take Photos

Take photos during the event or post any pictures

2) Text Pictures to  Everwall

Text Pictures to displayed Everwall #

3) View Live Slideshow

Photos will be shown live on the screen as they are being uploaded

Capture the Action from your perspective!

coke/pepsi, party games, video, big screens
bat mitzvah
hoola hoops

Live Slideshow Services include:

  • Download album or order prints

  • Custom album code

       (e.g. AshleyAdam2013)


  • Premium phone & email support


  • Free offsite moderation


Live Moderated Slideshow:

As your guests take photos during your event, the photos will be shown in the live slideshow as it is happening. Our professional moderators will make sure that none of the posted pictures are blurry or inappropriate. 

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