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Take your Event to the Next Level!

Live camera, video production

Our Video production is what sets us apart from other companies! Our high end, professional production will make your celebration the party of the century! Have your slideshow, music videos, logo and anything you can imagine play live on our HUGE screens!

Our live slideshow services offers your guests the ability to make memories by having their photos of the party show in real time on our screens! When its all over you can download the photo memories you and your guests created!

1.Slideshow Presentations

  • Create your own slideshow in any format, and we will display it.                                           OR

  • Send us your pictures and we will help you complete your slideshow and display it, the day of your event.


2. Live Slideshow

Everyone can post their pictures LIVE! All the Smartphones in the room become the photographers. Post Pictures that were taken anytime!

We Will Moderate all pictures before they are posted. We screen all inappropriate and blurry pictures, so you can focus on the FUN!

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3. Themed Images &

Live Video Decor

4.Live Camera Images

Slideshow, Projection screen
Big screens, Video Production, Bar Mitzvahs
Live camera, video production

5. Interactive Games

  • Kahoot!

  • Minute to Win It

  • Jeopardy Style

  • Family Feud Style


6. Bidding Software

  • Qtego

  • Greater Giving

  • Bidpal

  • More...

7. Interactive Zoom

Zoom Party.jpg
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