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Live auctioneers are so much more than fast talking pointers. We also act as fundraising and event consultants, from the pre-conception of your event to the final minute. Our auctioneers will be as vested in your event as your organization. Our specialized services can come in handy during pre-event meetings, floor plan layouts, run of show, and so much more.

While our main priority is to make sure you hit, and beat, your fundraising goal, the fact that we do over 300 events a year for more than 24 years provides us with inside knowledge of some of the largest and unique events.

As part of our services, we make sure to immerse ourselves in your mission, your organization. We want your guests to believe that we care just as much about who and/or  what you are raising money for as your organization does. Our belief is that donors can detect when the auctioneer is there just to raise bids and collect donations. Staar Entertainment vows to not let that happen!

Licensed and Certified Live Auctioneers

Each of our auctioneers are certified and licensed in the state of Florida. While we are based in North Tampa, we travel all over the state to help organizations meet their fundraising goals. We do events of all sizes; from a school's fundraiser to corporate level galas.

Despite knowing not all attendees will bid in the live auction, we try our best to get as many bidders raising their paddles as possible. Our auctioneers have tailored techniques to inspire those who are bidding to bid higher and often, ensuring the highest level of participation.

For over 20 years our auctioneers have helped raise more than $1 Billion for our clients! Each of our clients have hit or overreached their goal when having Staar Entertainment as their live auctioneer.


Live Auctioneers = Entertainment Professionals

Our live auctioneers are not only responsible for reaching your charity goals, but to also entertain and inspire your donors to open their hearts and wallets. Staar’s auctioneers are also both professional DJs and MCs. We know how to read the crowd to know what music to play and when to play it.

As part of the run of the show we put together we can enhance your event with items like video production, a photobooth, live entertainers, slideshows, and even write a script for your committee and staff to be a part of the live event.

Our Suite of Fundraising Services


We will customize sound configurations to meet your needs.


Our DJs are prepared to play all of your favorite songs and artists.


Our MCs are masters at inspiring a room to celebrate and make lasting memories.

Our Eagle-Eyed Bid Spotters

Like looking through a telescope at the staars, our eagle eyed bid spotters will be sure not a single bid gets lost in the crowd. Bid spotters also act as support to our auctioneers by helping to keep the room hushed when needed and electric when called for. After all, the auction is the main attraction at your event.

Missed bids means less product raises, lost revenue, and unhappy donors. The spotters are primarily here to ensure no missed bids, however, when the live auction is not running, these helpers can assist with monitoring the silent auction, ushering, check-in’s and check-outs, among other things. Let us know if you could use some bid spotters at your next event.

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