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Funraising event, Bidding, Live Auction

Staar Entertainment: Complete Fundraising Experts!

 Staar Entertainment’s Live Auctioneers:

John Wendelken, Live Auctioneer, Dj

Exciting, Engaging, Interactive Live Auctioneers & Expert MCs who are involved in every aspect of your Fundraiser!  We have raised millions for Non-Profits, Charities, Schools, and more.  We focus on supporting you throughout the entire process to create a successful and memorable production! Your guests want to support you. Staar Entertainment’s Fundraisers/Galas are exceptional because we Make Giving FUN!

Live Auctioneers • Event Planning/Support • Audio/Visual Productions • Live Musicians & Djs • Enhancements!

Why Should I choose a Live Auctioneer and a Live Auction at my Fundraising Event

When your live auction is run by a professionally trained auctioneer, there is no surprise that your event takes on a whole new level of unique charm and energy.  Live Auctioneers are inspiring and entertaining to the audience. Your live auctioneer is truly the overseer of your Gala.  The most revenue that is raised at an event is during the live auction so it’s imperative that you choose a professional, engaging and charismatic auctioneer to appeal to the masses and get donors to raise those paddles for bidding!

Staar Entertainment’s Live Auctioneers are liscensed with years of experience raising millions of dollars for worthy charities all over the state of Florida.



Call John Wendelken today at 813-35-TAMPA to learn more!

Staar Entertainment Planning & Support Services

Staar Entertainment is committed to making your fundraiser a huge success! Our ability to help with  planning and supporting you throughout your fundraising journey is our top priority! With two decades of fundraising experience in our staff we are able to provide the much needed direction and guidance to walk you step by step on the must do’s to plan and execute a fundraiser that will exceed your goals and expectations!

Staar Entertainment Enhancement Services

Enhancements to your event can really make the atmosphere pop with excitement! Whether it be decor projection, lighting, photobooth, live musicians or DJ talent all of our service enhancements are guaranteed to bring the level of energy and ambiance that will make lasting impressions and memories. 

Staar Entertainment Live Auctioneer Services

Live Auctioneer and having a Live Auction can bring you Gala to a whole new level of success.  Both bring an energetic and fun way of connecting to our donor audience and rallying everyone around the charity that is being benefited.

Staar Entertainment Live Performer Services

One of the most important investments you can make for your Gala is the entertainment.  Whether that be a DJ or live musicians it is a vital piece of pulling together a great party!  Music makes the ambiance and brings a feel of excitement and energy to keep your donors happy and bidding for a great cause!

Staar Entertainment Audio/Visual Services

The importance of audio visual (AV)  in delivering a successful event should not be underestimated.  It can mean the difference between another regular presentation and a real experience that leaves you with a lasting impression.  In this current digital age, the opportunities to enhance your event are endless.

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