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Don't Put Your Party On Hold!


Hosting a virtual event has the same benefits and can be just as exciting as having the celebration in person!

  What is special about the virtual option is your audience/ guest attendance can grow to as large as you desire.  Where a venue will only allow a certain amount of people in their hall, a virtual celebration can include your friends and loved ones nation and even world wide.  Anyone and everyone will be able to be included and that also means anyone with special needs who can't travel, someone in the hospital, elderly guests who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend.......the possibilities are endless.  You may think, how could this ever be as fun or as special as an in person celebration.  No doubt getting together with friends and loved ones is ideal, but Staar Entertainment's professionals can now bring that same excitement right through your computer screen.  We are equipped to bring you the same games, lighting, fun music, dancing and all the enhancements you would still get in person.  We may not be together physically, but it will feel like the party has taken over your living room!  


Call Staar Entertainment at 866 DJ-Tampa to book your virtual event today!!!

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