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Make Your Child a Rock-Staar!

Rock Mitzvah
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Let your child live out their Rock n' Roll dreams with our exciting Rock Mitzvah Production! We not only include a wide variety of professional level instruments, we also include a professional Percussionist throughout your event to entertain the guests and teach your child some basic techniques, making them feel like the true rock star of their very own show!

Getting the Full Rock Staar Treatment

Our Professional Grade Instruments

5 Piece Drum Kit, complete with Base Drum, Snare Drums, Cymbals, Cymbal Stands, Drum Sticks, and Mallets

Conga Drums and Conga Drum Stands

Bongo Drums and Bongo Drum Stands

Rototoms and Rototom Stands

High Hat Cymbal and Cymbal Stand

Crash Cymbals and Crash Cymbal Stands


32 Inch Gong, Gong Stand, and Gong Mallet

Time to Party Like a Rock Staar

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Rock Mitzvah
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