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Decorative lighting at a dance party under a big top tent.

Lighting can either make or break the ambiance for your celebration. We are lighting experts at Staar Entertainment. Let us help you create the perfect environment for your celebration with our specialized lighting fixtures!

Gobo Projectors and Filters

Project a custom image on the walls, ceilings and floors! Our Gobo filters can project patterns such as snowflakes for a wintery theme or your personal initials at your celebration!

Circular upighting under a big top tent.
Stary night shaped uplighting under a tent with scaffolding.
Gobo, Uplighting, Decorative Lighting
Before and after uplighting at a country club dinner gala.
Multicolored LED uplighting under an outside porch.
Decorative red and purple themed uplighting at a dinner gala.
Blue and green themed uplighting in a high cealing room for a dinner party.

Custom color Uplighting

Create a unique environment for your celebration with our wireless uplights! Choose any color for our customizable uplights to suit your theme!

Stage Lighting

Light up the stage with our professional grade stage lights! Our stage lights create a true rock and roll feel where you can be the center of it all!

Light up your celebration!!

Dancing party on a checkered dancefloor in front of a stage with video screens and lighting.
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