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Why Should I choose a Live Auction at my Fundraising Event

Engagement Level:

Live auctions require an auctioneer who will engage attendees and encourage guests to call out bids.  They bring an energy to the room and entice a friendly, competitive feel for the items up for auction.  A live auctioneer can make your donors want to bid by accelerating the item to a new level with their witty lingo, descriptions and the way they can tug on those heartstrings of the audience.

Rate of Return:

A live auction is going to yield a higher return on your items than a silent one - simply because you have a professional and persuasive auctioneer encouraging more bids from your audience.

Number of Items:

In a live auction, a good auctioneer will almost always generate higher bids - that is what they are there to do ; to pump donors for money and increase you overall money raised per,item – and more money raised altogether. 


Some Nonprofits prefer to plan silent auctions because they think it is less expensive and involves less work, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. More than not, silent auctions require even more work setting up, managing bid sheets and tracking down winners.

In Closing:

The first step is to think about the outcome you want to see at the end of your fundraising event.  The goal of Nonprofits to to try and raise as much money as possible! And the best way to maximize that effort is to add a professional, fun, energetic and charismatic auctioneer to your auction efforts to get the results you want!

Your Auctioneer is your MVP Quarterback of your Gala!

When your live auction is run by a professionally trained auctioneer, there is no surprise that your event takes on a whole new level of unique charm and energy.  Live Auctioneers are inspiring and entertaining to the audience. Your live auctioneer is truly the Star Quarterback of your Gala. The most revenue that is raised at an event is during the live auction so it’s imperative that you choose a professional, engaging and charismatic auctioneer to appeal to the masses and get donors to raise those paddles for bidding.


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