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Why You need Professional Audio & Video Production

Updated: May 23, 2023

The quality of your audio/visual (A/V) presentation is critical.

Our high end, professional production will make your Gala truly come alive! Our ability to present your slideshow and heart string pictures and videos will help to set the tone for the giving. By informing your donor audience of the purpose behind their generosity, via our video production, it will bring your guests together in the spirit of helping others.

With Staar Entertainment providing your A/V, we will work with you and support you to inspire your guests to understand why their support is needed and how their contributions will be used.

Staar Entertainment provides great Audio/Visual equipment, technical and customer support for everything you will need to create an inspirational and memorable event! Planning and production is most efficient and accurate when everything is completed under one roof.

Overlooking this critical role of professional A/V during a fundraiser can potentially cost you the outcome you are looking for which is hitting and/or exceeding your goals. In addition, our customer service, IT Technicians and entertainment professionals work together cohesively to understand from beginning to end every facet of your event and how each of our roles depend upon each other for successful execution.

Why Staar is a great choice for your Audio & Video Production

1. Guests are entertained and informed throughout the event with great Audio & Video so they are inspired to give! Professional Audio/Video looks and sounds impressive so that your guests are captivated. The best way to facilitate giving is when people understand how their money will be used, and why their support is needed.

Our large, high definition video screens and crystal clear sound systems will keep everyone focused on the things that matter the most. We will coordinate with you and show any pictures, videos and/or live streaming information to help keep everyone on track.

Pictures & Videos- Every aspect of your event depends on pictures and videos to capture your guest’s attention and inspire them to help. Throughout the event, we will use our professional audio/video expertise to present everything you have to teach your guests about your organization, why their help is needed and how they can help.

Live Video Camera Imaging is one of the most sought after features of video production for Fundraising Galas! Our ability to magnify an auction item like an expensive piece of jewelry or even something as sweet as a puppy can bring forth an emotional response as the audience is able to really see all the details of the item for auction!

Sponsors can be thanked by featuring them with their logo and/or picture(s) in a looping slide show presentation that recognizes their generosity.

Everwall is another feature that is a must have for your event! Your guests can take pictures and post to everwall through their smartphones, . Upon conclusion of your event, you and your guests will have a full album of pictures and that have been captured throughout the evening!

The Sound system is the most commonly overlooked aspect of a successful fundraiser or gala. Your emcee, guest speakers and auctioneers depend on the best sound quality and equipment to make certain their message is heard. The sound of the music, video presentation and more is the key to capturing and holding everyone’s attention. Please don’t make the critical mistake of thinking the little speakers in the ceiling will be good enough. The difference professional equipment and technicians make will drastically impact the results of your fundraiser.

Follow Spot: The Follow Spot is an important piece of equipment to help keep the attention on where it should be: your DJ, Auctioneer and Guest Speakers

For a live auction great Audio & Video is critical. Give your guests the confidence they need to bid by giving them access to all the details with pictures, videos, live camera images and other information about the items up for bid.

For a silent auction, the items that are available can be visualized and featured. We discuss the items while they are featured on the big screens to keep your guests motivated to bid. We integrate with the various available programs of your choice (Bidpal, List more examples ) that give live data about the items being bid on so that they can increase their bid to win!

The quality of video and sound can truly make all the difference in the world to your event. The ambiance is a reflection of how well your videos are being presented and also how well the donor audience can hear with crystal clear sound!

When it’s time to celebrate, we can utilize our expertise in video and sound to bring the party up a notch to engage your audience in dancing the night away to great music and a successful evening of giving back!

2. Customer Service/ Planning Support: We support you every step of the way to help you turn your concept into a reality. Our team of customer service experts are dedicated to continuous forms of communication via email, calls and texts to make sure you have the information you need. Our lines of communication remain open and consistent throughout the planning process. We serve as direct contacts to your entertainment talent and we are happy to set up meetings and calls for you to discuss particulars regarding your event. We are here ready to serve you!

3. Audio/Visual Professionals give you confidence to know your plans will be done right! Because Staar works with you from the beginning, with all aspects of your event, your technicians are informed and prepared to do whatever it takes to inspire your guests to give! Due to our holistic event approach, a well planned event that focuses on the details will identify and reduce challenges before they happen. In addition, because our technicians are there with you throughout the event, we are always there to help you.


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