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Why choose a live auctioneer and why paddles are important

Your Auctioneer is your MVP Quarterback of your Gala!

When your live auction is run by a professionally trained auctioneer, there is no surprise that your event takes on a whole new level of unique charm and energy. Live Auctioneers are inspiring and entertaining to the audience. Your live auctioneer is truly the Star Quarterback of your Gala. The most revenue that is raised at an event is during the live auction so it’s imperative that you choose a professional, engaging and charismatic auctioneer to appeal to the masses and get donors to raise those paddles for bidding.

Why Use a Paddle during a Live Auction?

Finding ways to add to the charm of a live auction is always important! The use of paddles for bidding can bring about that unique competitive drive and feeling to your auction. How often do we really every get the opportunity to raise a paddle to bid on something? Most of the time its via the click of a button on our computers as we bid on eBay! The use of paddles dramatically increase the giving mood of your crowd as the competitive juices flow during a friendly, heated battle over a unique experience or item up for auction!!! Adding to that are trained “spotters” moving through the sea of paddles and helping motivate the bidding and identifying the winners! Paddles bring a form of professionalism and organization to a live auction that you’ll need to increase the level of donations and excitement to the overall event.


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