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How does a live auctioneer help you plan?

Recruit an auctioneer.

The auctioneer needs to be a professional, licensed auctioneer

You'll need someone who is charismatic, comfortable in front of crowds, and who will create interest in the individual items and the overall auction.

Develop an auction catalogue.

Allow the audience to review the auction items before the bidding begins. This helps build excitement you can do this by creating a catalogue of items, showcasing them online or having them revealed via video production at the event.

Provide descriptions, opening bids, fair market values, and other pertinent details for each item.

Acknowledge each auction prize donor as a way to thank him or her.

List items in chronological order based on the order in which they will be presented.

Assign and train live auction volunteers.

Appoint an experienced person to coordinate auction logistics.

Make sure volunteers are clear on their roles

Volunteers can serve as bid spotters, payment collectors, and prize distributors.

Train volunteers on auction prior to the start of the event; you most likely won't have time to do a run-through right before the auction starts.

Communicate all necessary information to the auctioneer.

Review the auction catalogue and discuss any last minute changes.

Make sure auctioneer knows the minimum bid for each item.

Develop strategies to encourage bidding.

Have your committee meet regularly and have weekly conference calls with the Live Auctioneer to discuss each live auction item and details that will help the auctioneer write an appropriate script for each item to entice bidding based on descriptive interpretation

We will help you with all of these items and walk you through step by step


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