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Enhancements for your Gala

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Staar Entertainment provides an array of enhanced services that will take your Gala to a whole new and exciting level. These services are to capture the excitement and energy that a fundraising event already exuberantes and helps your donor audience to enjoy the experience of giving even more!

DJ Entertainment

High energy and spirited DJ’s who are experts in packing the dance floor with non stop dancing and fun! Our

talented professionals have a unique way of engaging your guests and keeping the level of enthusiasm going throughout the event.

Gobo and uplights

Project a custom image on the walls, ceilings and floors! Our Gobo filters can project patterns, logos and initials during our Gala!Our custom color uplights can transform the ambiance of a room with the meer click on a button. Our uplights are wireless and come in every color imaginable. Steady streams of light can be displayed or we can alternate the colors to change to the beat of the music for an even more dramatic and fun effect. The possibilities are endless!


We have worked with some of the best and most sought after live musicians in the Tampa Bay area! We are proud of our close relationship with them! So if you are looking for a solo guitar player, trio or even an eight piece band, look no further than Staar Entertainment to find the perfect musicians to suit your event!

Capture Your Moments - Photobooth

With our green screen photobooth we use the power of technology to put any scenery or custom graphic behind you and your guests! Instantly your picture transforms you into the theme of your event with logos and backdrops that fit the energy surrounding you.

For those who love a bit of nostaligia, our traditional photobooth offers all of the fun in a cozy booth with a backdrop and tons of fun props! We also offer open air traditional photobooths with just a backdrop and all the space for your guests!

Dance Floor

We offer up to 21x21 vinyl wood dance floor perfect for any occasion!

Vinyl Covering

Our universal vinyl dance floor covering is suitable for all forms of dance! Choose from a variety of colors/textures and even include your logo or image in the center

Red Carpet/Stantions

Rolling out the red carpet could not be easier with our amazing red carpet and stanchions! Dress up your entrance true Hollywood style as your guests feel like they have stepped onto a real life Oscar experience!

Step & Repeat

We offer 8x8 Step and Repeat Backdrops for the best photo op experience your guests will enjoy as they enter the event! Our Step and Repeats can be customized with your logo as well!

Video Decor

Our Video Decor is one of the most popular enhancements we offer to really take your Gala to the next level.

Airbrush Artists

Our Master Airbrush artist can customize items any way you like as you watch! Our airbrush services come with a master airbrush artist and your choice of giveaways for them to customize on the spot for your guests. Choose from hats, bags, tee-shirts and more!

Live Dance Performers

Kick your party up a notch with our professional dance performers!! We offer a wide variety of performers with various specialties in the art of dance. Our dancers are skilled professionals with clean backgrounds and come dressed for any theme!


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