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Choosing the right live entertainment for your event

Why you should hire a Professional DJ

Hiring a professional DJ takes your event to another level. Once the auctions are completed people are ready to celebrate! DJs will create magical memories that will make a lasting impression and increase the anticipation for next year’s event. Professional DJs can play any song and create the right mood that best fits your event. With this broad selection also comes the DJs expertise, and assessment when putting together playlists. Professional DJs also have equipment such as speakers capable of producing clear sound without distortion, microphones, soundboards, and other important tools of top-end quality. Professional DJs are responsible for more than just the music; they work with your other vendors to manage the guests and make sure the right song is played at the right time. DJs are the key ingredient to a successful party and the energetic positive vibe that will last in the memories of your guests.

Why you should choose Live Musicians

While the decor creates an ambiance for your Gala, nothing sets the mood and tone like music. If you want your event to have a more subdued and elegant feel you should consider hiring a string quartet to play classical music. We can also provide musicians to play cultural music.

People love live music, and your event is the perfect way to incorporate live musicians into your festivities. As people enjoy food and drinks, they can sit back and listen to some great tunes. Plus live musicians are entertaining and will make the event a more enjoyable time for your guests until the dancing begins!

No two live music experiences are exactly alike, which means the live music will be unique to your Gala. Plus you can discuss your song choice and genre preferences to create a personalized set list just for your donor audience. Live music will evoke the emotions of your guests in a way that recorded music cannot.


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