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John Wendelken hosting auction with people holding up bid cards. Bidding on a 3 night destination vacation.
A 3 part picture with first kids dancing in front of a DJ with glowsticks. To the bottom left a bride holds flowers on her wedding day. To the bottom right a boy launhes toilet paper at the party guests.

"John Absolutely connects with the audience. I have been doing this for almost 30 years and have worked with John for 11 years."

-Dr Steven Covert
Pineview Association

"John knew what we were going for, he understood our school and our fundraiser and what we were going for, and he totally went for it. We could not have asked for a better Auctioneer or better Emcee. He was amazing!"

-Megan Heller
Pineview Association

"John gave us the confidence, the spirit, the drive, and the emotion to go out and make it a successful night. We really, really from the bottom of our hearts want to thank you!"

 -Melissa Perrin
Pineview Association

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