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Fundraising DJs

Having a DJ for your fundraiser can elevate your event. From the very beginning, as your guests arrive, our DJ will welcome them with ambient music that best meets your events feel. Throughout cocktail hour and dinner we will keep the ambience of the room up-tempo, lively, and fun to help keep your guests engaged and excited to help support your organization.

Our DJ do even more than that...during the live auction specially tailored music is used to celebrate and inspire giving. Then, once the fundraising is done, there is no better way to bring the whole event together than by having a DJ keeping the dancefloor electric to celebrate the success of your event!


Music brings people together. It can set the mood of the event. When the right song is played at the right time party-goers notice. Whether you want a DJ for the whole event or just a couple of hours, we have offerings for all event layouts and runs of show. 

We will support you and help you curate the best playlist for your event from beginning to end.


Fill out this short form and our team will reach out shortly.

Thank you for your interest!

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